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Brightstar Home Care Services: Who will pay for home care services?

Need to know who will pay for your home care services for your loved one? Sean Trumbo from Brightstar has the answer.
"Who will pay for home care services?"

"That's a great question and it's often times very confusing. The first question we get when somebody calls in is, "Will Medicare pay for home care services?" The short answer is no. The next question we get is, "Will my health insurance pay for home care services?"  Again, the short answer is no. However, Medicaid will pay for home care services. There's also long term care insurance companies, and many people have those types of policies. They will pay for home care services but first you need to check with your agent who sold you the policy to make sure home care company will be covered with that insurance and also there's a lot of timelines and different criteria that have to be met before that will be accepted as payment. The VA has several programs available to veterans that we accept their pay, and then of course if you don't have any of those types of pay sources we accept private pay," Sean Trumbo said.
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