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Ask an Expert: Bud Anderson "Air Conditioning Units"

Is bigger better when it comes to air conditioning units?
It's time for another edition of Ask an Expert.

Today's expert is Tim Paetz from Bud Anderson Heating and Air.
The question is from Jennifer in Lowell, she says: "I have several quotes for air conditioning and the contractors are recommending a two-ton unit for my home. Should I have a 2 ½ ton unit installed, just to be sure?"

Here's the answer to Jennifer's question, straight from the expert:
"Provided that they did a manual J load calculation, then no. There is sometimes a tendency to believe that bigger is better. Sometimes that may be so, but not in air conditioning units," says Patz. "Actually, with central air conditioning, smaller is smarter. The first thing an air conditioner has to do is to cool your home to remove the humidity from your home. If the air conditioner is too large, the air is super cool before the humidity is removed. This makes you feel cold and clammy like in a cave. An oversize air conditioner will always come on more often for shorter periods of time. When this happens, it is very hard on the compressor, which can lead to premature burnout, and it will use more electricity, costing you more money on your energy bill."
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