Doing Good: 7hills Homeless Center

Christina Andazola supports her three children, her mother and her two nephews. With that many people under one roof, she needed help keeping her budget in line.

"I felt lost and didn't know what to do," she said. "I was like 'God please help me get through this somehow.'"

Christina turned to 7hills Homeless Center for help. A case worker comes to Christina's home once a week helping her in her employment search - and in keeping a tight budget.  7hills helps those who are already homeless - but also helps others from becoming that way.

"The primary difference between those who become homeless, and those who don't, is a support system," said 7hills Executive Director, Jon Woodward.

The group offers a day program with hot meals, showers, and life skills training. There is also temporary housing for those getting back on their feet.

With the biggest increase in their clientele being families, the group tries desperately to keep people like Christina and her family stay in their own homes - and to relieve their stress.

"I don't have to worry about my family being homeless, or not being able to pay a bill or have lights," Christina said. "I have kids, I want to make sure I can take care of them, and I can't do it by myself."

Because along with a roof over her head - Christina and others like her - want nothing more than the security of knowing someone is always there to help.

*Nearly 70% of the clientele at 7hills is veterans.

For more information on the group go to:

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