Doing Good - American Heart Association of Northwest Arkansas

Lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke, by raising awareness and educating the public.

That is the mission of the American Heart Association of Northwest Arkansas.

Cindy Hudlow, the Executive Director of America Heart Association NWA said, "We know we've got a big fight ahead of us and that's why it's important to put that message out there. There are things we can do to prevent heart disease and have our families living healthier."

The nonprofit also helps people by paying for things like certain heart medications, defibrillators and even pacemakers.

As the leading cause of death America, organizers with the Heart Association say living a healthy lifestyle can be the difference in life and death.

"Knowledge is power and knowing what your numbers are and blood pressure numbers. Knowing what you sugar is. All those things," said Hudlow.

For Cindy Hudlow, spreading the message hits close to home.

Her mother was just 61-years-old when she passed away after suffering a stroke.

Her father had a heart attack the very same year.

Hudlow said, "It means a lot. It's very personal to me. I had a really good quality of life with him for 11 more years because of the heart association and what all they did. He had a pacemaker and a stint and 4 bypasses."

Hudlow says she's thankful for what the Heart Association has done for her family and hopes others understand the importance of being heart healthy.

"They really do need to educate themselves and their families and be aware of how they can manage heart disease and stroke," explained Hudlow.

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