Doing Good - Arkansas Crisis Center

Since 1985, the Arkansas Crisis Center has helped thousands of people facing potentially life-ending problems.

Jenni Kirstein with the center said, "Through the years we've become a 24/7 and 365 day a year hotline  along with  an online chat."

With trained specialists on the other end of the line, the center helps someone calling in any way they can and tries to keep them safe.

Kirstein explained, "It allows people who are in crisis and in need of someone to talk to to call on a confidential line and for free at any time of the day."

The specialists look at the immediate needs and resources available that could help the caller.

That includes everything from assisting a person with food or shelter, to helping someone facing medical or mental health issues.

Kirstein said, "We find the positives in their lives, and we focus on the things that they can look towards, that they can feel good about themselves for."

While the center strives to break the stigma of suicide, they want everyone the community to know they're ready and available to help.

"Our mission is to restore hope and empower people and save lives. And without people calling us, we can't  continue our mission and our mission is just to always keep people safe," said Kirstein.

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