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From one photo to another, the family pictures lining the walls of Aspire have a special meaning to those involved with the nonprofit.

Abbey Stone, the Program Director said, "We know life is tough, especially for these families who've given the ultimate sacrifice. We hate what they've been through, but we truly feel blessed that we get to be an impact in their life."

That's because these families are ones who've lost a love one who was serving our country or who've been wounded and left disabled.

Carla Wasson, the nonprofit's Board President said, "This is a program that's changing people's life's in a positive way."

Aspire helps these families get back on their feet through continued education.

They provide anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 in scholarship money.

Wasson mentioned, "It's makes a huge difference because they have so many needs that they have."

Unlike other scholarships, the money can be used for more than just tuition and books including child care or bills along with other necessities.

"Anything to keep them in school anything that would prevent them from dropping out of school, we want to be a lifeline to them," explains Stone.

In doing so, the nonprofit also provides families they've help a support system.

Stone said, "We want be to be an extra family member and someone they can lean on. Whether they made a great test score or there's something traumatic going on either with themselves or their child."

As a nonprofit, organizers say their biggest now are more applicants to know they exist and more support from the community to help others.

The hopes are to turn something tragic into something good.

"It's uplifting and you know you're making a difference in the world," said Stone.

Wasson explains "There are a lot of people out there who could benefit."

For more information on Aspire, click here.

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