Doing Good - Bikes, Blues & Barbecue - Ozark Literacy Council

The Ozark Literacy Council is a nonprofit focusing on literacy to help others succeed.

Joshua Mahony with the Ozark Literacy Council said, "I always tell everyone that we get more out of it than we give. What will further them the most in the world. If you can't read, then you are limiting your options."

Through several programs focusing on literacy, nearly 300 parents and students get help from the nonprofit each year.

"They may have some English experience already, but they may not have those skills or ability to write or translate those skills to function here," said Mahony.

Over the recent months the nonprofit held a fundraiser of colorful painted pigs across Northwest Arkansas that were auctioned off.

One of those pigs happened to belong to the Bikes, Blues Barbecue crew.

Organizers said the rally is all about lending a hand to others.

"The pig they auctioned off was somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $3,000 for the one they bought. So it's quite a bit for a fundraiser. Any time we have a project, they want to hear about it and participate. They really lift us up," explained Mahony.

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