Doing Good - Conquer Chiari

Andria Netherton, who has Chiari Malformation said, "We had never heard of it, until I was diagnosed. And I was told then it was very rare."

A relatively unknown disorder to many, but for those it does impact, Chiari Malformation is  life changing.

Londa Wells, who's daughter has the disorder said, "It breaks my heart, it breaks my heart. I would take it away from her in a minute. If I could."

Netherton said, "It's a really serious thing that people need to be made aware of."

Andria Nethorton was 30 years old when she was diagnosed with the serious neurological disorder that affects the bottom portion of the brain or the cerebellum.

Netherton explains, "It sits below the skull and basically almost into your neck and blocks the spinal column."

The symptoms of the Chiari are wide ranging and for some debilitating. 

"They can have any number of symptoms. Most commonly headaches severe, dizziness and vision problems. Speech problems and balance," said Netherton.

To raise awareness about the disorder, this mother daughter duo hold a walk each year at JB Hunt Park in conjunction with the national walk.

Netherton said," Local chiarians, supporters, families and friends come out. And it's a somebody understands me kind a day."

Wells adds, "It's humbling when someone comes to the walk."

While treatment and surgeries do help, there is no cure Chiari.

Something this family hopes will change soon.

Netherton said, "Understand, look it up and see what it Chiari malformation is. Make your self familiar with it."

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