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Rogers, AR - Through racks of clothes and rows of accessories, Dress for Success, is helping to change the lives of hundreds of women across Northwest Arkansas.

Kaiko Cummings, who is getting help from Dress For Success said, "It helps you to feel better because if you think you look nice, you feel nice."

Kaiko Cummings is just one a many women who were referred to the nonprofit to get a leg up in hopefully finding a new job.

Cummings explains, "I have learned a lot about reentering the workforce, about style and about fashion."

Dana Engelbert, the nonprofit's Operations Manger said, "We want them to feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing."

More than just confidence boost, this nonprofit is also about lifting a financial burden

People who qualify, come here and also find a job - get about one weeks worth of clothes.

"It can be really expensive to prepare to enter the workforce," said Engelbert.

Roxana Willsyn, who is also getting help from Dress For Success said, "Sometimes instead of you going to other places to spend a lot of money on everything, you come here and they help you out."

Roxana Willsyn is wrapping up her Bachelors degree at the U of A, and in the meantime, landed at job with Walmart.

Like many others, she credits dress for success for her own success and growth as a a person.

Willsyn mentioned, "It's educational because they teach you how to dress to impress."

In less than a year since opening the boutique, Dress for Success has suited over 140 women.

And that's a number that'll keep going up so long as there's clothes to give and help to offer.

Engelbert explains, "It's really wonderful to talk with the women that we work with and know where they are at when they come here and then when they leave."

For more information, click here.

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