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Springdale, AR - Family Network is a nonprofit educating new parents and making sure their newborns have a healthy start in life.

At just 14 months old, little Hayden Rust is already walking and trying to talk, and getting into everything.

But in order to make sure Hayden is developing like he needs to, this young couple has a huge support system in the nonprofit Family Network.

Dakota Rust, a Dad in the Family Network Program said, "I honestly don't know where we would be they have helped so much."

Founded back 1993, the nonprofit recognized the need for new parents to learn stuff about their newborns, life skills and setting goals for future.

Judi Singleton, the Executive Director of Family Network said, "Connect them with those resources, transportation, housing. Stable housing."

A major component to how family network helps is through in-home visits.

Every week, they go into a families home to educate parents hands on and help anyway they can.

Kelly explains, "They help us to better understand what he's suppose to be doing at his age and stuff so I can start teaching him different things."

The families they help are often referred to them by agencies, other organizations or even the court system.

People in need of help and lacking a support system.

Singleton said, "It's intended to be a long term program so we can stick with these families as they solve one issue and face another."

With a few more years left in the program, little Hayden and his family know they can count on family network as their safety net when it matters the most.

Dakota said, "They help us with anything we need, if it's within their power to do so, they have always helped us."

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