Doing Good - Fayetteville Animal Services

Whether you are looking for a dog or a cat,  there are plenty to choose from at Fayetteville Animal Services.

The facility takes in about 2,500 animals a year and say thanks to the community, they have a low euthanasia rate.

Justine Lentz of Fayetteville Animal Services said,  "Over 90% of our animals are returned to their home or adopted out or sent to other shelters and adopted."

The shelter  has been around since the early 90's and offers the community several services.

Lentz explains, "We have our animal control. So if you have a loose dog or cat we come out. Then we have our shelter facilities and then we have our clinic."

Through the clinic and  different programs they're able to provide low cost spay and neuter to  pets for qualifying families.

Besides more folks adopting and volunteers, the shelters biggest need is for more people  to know about them and what they have to offer.

Something social media is offering a helping hand in.

"You'd be surprised how many people say I saw this dog on Facebook and its just what I wanted. Any type of word of mouth like that is good."

Because for the shelter, the more folks that come through their doors, the more likely they won't go home empty-handed.

Lentz said, "Really encourage you to come down because we've made a lot of improvements and programs and have a lot to offer people."

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