Doing Good - Literacy Council of Benton County

For several hours a week, several tutors and students gather at the Literacy Council of Benton county, just as they have since 1972.

Andy Gottman, the Board President for Literacy Council of Benton County said, "It's amazing how difficult life can be if you can not read and write in English."

The nonprofit was founded to provide literacy training for adults in Benton county.

Gottman explains, "We have the largest populations in the state of Arkansas in terms of adults who are not functionally literate with English. "

With one on one training and personalized lessons with tutors, students make lifelong bonds and learn life changing skills.

"We've had students who have come to us wanting to take the citizenship test for the American citizenship, who've wanted to fill out a job application," said Gottman.

The nonprofit says it typically takes about 6 months to a year to become proficient in English, but they're willing to work with each student as long as it takes.

And right now, as it has been for a while, the need is great in our community.

Gottman mentions, "We have a long wait list of students waiting to be matched up with a tutor."

Organizers at the Lliteracy Council say often times it's the students family which motivates them to learn the English language.

"Their children are learning to read in school and they want to be able to help their children with their homework," said Gottman.

As a nonprofit, its biggest need now are more tutors to help students and donations for books and materials to support their program.

Gottman said, "Literacy changes lives. And whatever you can do to help people acquire that skill, you're changing a life forever."

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