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Bentonville, AR - Assisting adults living with mental or physical disabilities has been the mission of Pathfinder for the past 11 years in Northwest Arkansas.

Deborah Stripling with Pathfinder said, "It means a lot, it means another choice. There were only a few options, and so it gives them another option."

The nonprofit provides training and a place to work in things like sorting and even recycling with a special machine where foam is eventually turned into picture frames.

Stripling explains, "We provide transportation, we provide skills training and also provide life skills training."

In addition to a steady paycheck, individuals also get help through several types of therapies, including speech, physical and occupational therapy.

Elisabeth Rosborough, a Speech Therapist with Pathfinder said, "They have a lot of obstacles in their life, so therapy is one way to help them get over those obstacles."

Another rewarding aspect of pathfinder, is being a familiar place for those involved.

"We also provide activities like dances and we go to different places on day trips," said Stripling.

Hanging on the walls throughout the building are several special paintings painted by clients that'll be sold at an art show in November for programs and equipment.

Rosborough said, "It's one of the things that has progressed, they love doing it."

"It helps give them an opportunity to stay in their community, lead a productive life," mentioned Stripling.

On average this nonprofit helps over 120 people every year in our community.

People they're assisting them to achieving their goals.

Stripling said, "We would like to help those individuals dreams come true."

For more information, click here or this link to their Facebook page.

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