Doing Good - Restore Humanity

More than a dozen kids halfway across the world are being helped by a non-profit right here in Northwest Arkansas.

Restore Humanity was founded back in 2006 and helped to build and sustain an orphanage in Kenya.

Sarah Fennel, founder of the nonprofit said, "It's such a joy to be able to share with them and see every time i go back the progress they're making and to see where a lot of them have come from."

It is now home to 17 Kenyan children who are being helped with healthcare needs, food and school supplies along with a place the children can call home.

Fennel said, "We care for these kids over there because people here care."

Organizers say in addition to our own community it's just as important to help others thousands of miles away.

Board member Tim Mcfarland said, "Willing people to help other people live in different continent who who have needs are less fortunate. We all think that all people are equal and deserve the opportunity."

The next big thing the nonprofit hopes to do is build a clinic in Kenya.

While it is still a ways from becoming a reality though, they are happy to be helping anyway they can.

Fennel said "It's amazing to see the people that they are becoming and i look forward to seeing the adults they're going to become."

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