Doing Good - Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas

Pressing prints and packaging custom supplies is just some of what Amber Perrodin does as small business owner along within her husband.

They opened the Perrodin Supply Company in Springdale and make art supplies for other artists.

Amber Perrodin, owner of Perrodin Supply Company said, "I feel like everything's I'm doing is a dream come true."

But before getting to this point in her life, things were much different for Amber.

She was a single mother and going to school, an all too common combination that can sometimes make for a struggle.

Perrodin explains, "Up until I learned about Single Parent, I was paying tuition on my own kind of stubbornly trying to do it on my own."

Enter the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas.

The nonprofit was set up nearly 30 years ago with the mission of providing scholarships for single parents.

Jody Dilday of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund said, "We're helping single moms and dads break the generational cycle of poverty for their family by offering them encouragement and access to education."

Since starting, the Single Parent Scholarship Fund has handed out nearly $4 million dollars in scholarships to parents.

What makes these scholarships so unique is the fact students can spend it on almost anything they need instead of being limited to only a few certain things.

Perrodin said, "They will let you buys books or gas money and the money go can go to food for the family."

After receiving her Associates Degree in fine arts and print making, Amber went on to be get her masters.

Along the way she also got married and eventually opened up her business.

"Genuinely without the support of the single parent I don't know where I would be," said Perrodin.

Dilday explained, "There is  really no better investment in our community than to help a family become self sufficient."

Besides living her dream now, Amber is also grateful to be a role model for her children

Perrodin said, "Lets you to teach your children the importance of a great education."

The Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas serves eligible single parents in Carroll, Madison and Washington counties.

For more information on the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas, click here.

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