Doing Good - Sunshine School & Development Center

KNWA -- At only a few years old little Riley Johns was diagnosed with autism. He is one of about 130 children currently attend the Sunshine School & Development Center, a nonprofit helping children and even adults living with special needs.

Jim Johns, Riley's dad, said, "After spending some time here I realized just how much of a hope the Sunshine School is and how much change it brings. "

Executive Director of theSunshine School Cyndi Bilyeu explains, "Their day feels like it would any other preschool except they're working on specific needs. Each child her has a specific sets of goals specific to their individual needs." Through those specific set of goals each child gets individual treatment that includes physical, occupational and speech therapy to support development.

Johns said, "I see so many things change for these kids lives for the positive."

"It's an amazing place to work. Every day you see children do miraculous things that they weren't able to do last week," said Bilyeu. Something Riley's family mentions is also the case for their son.

"We all want our children to have what we have and more and for me the Sunshine School is helping to give Riley that chance," said Johns.

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