Doing Good - Taylor McKeen Shelton Foundation

Taylor McKeen Shelton born, April 10, 2012.

The little boy with big blue eyes and just as big a personality.

Ella Shelton, Taylor's mother said, "He was stylish. He always loved to wear his hats, he was the sweetest little boy."

"He loved just doing everything," explained Wes Shelton, Taylor's father.

But almost a year after being born, Taylor's life would come to an end.

Wes Shelton said, "On June 14th, he went to bed a normal night. And with no warning or reason, never woke up."

Shortly after little Taylor passed, his parents learned why, something known as Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood or SUDC.

Wes Shelton said, "Just like everyone, once you pass that one year mark you feel pretty safe. But we were not familiar with it at all."

"It is real and it's very a big nightmare for all the families that go through it," said Ella.

But through their pain, the family found comfort starting the Taylor McKeen Shelton Foundation to raise awareness and help fund research.

Ella said, "Even though I can't take care of Taylor in real life, I can still take care of him through his foundation and make sure that they know Taylor and that this can happen to anyone."

Just as important to the family though, they are also helping others who are in theirs shoes.

"There are people that can help. there are support systems in place. That's one of the big things that we've learned is that we felt alone but we weren't alone," explained Wes.

Although Taylor was only here for a very short time, the memory of his life will always live on through helping others.

Wes said, "It kind of brings a positive, to a very negative situation."

"We really to some day find a cause for this and some day make sure that no other family goes through what we are going through," said Ella.

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