Doing Good - The Becky Knight Memorial Fund

An educator for more than 25 years, Becky Knight was a teacher with a very big heart.

Josh Knight, who started the Becky Knight Memorial Fund said, "She taught special education her whole career. She loved these kids like they were one of her own."

Tragically, Knight passed away nearly a year ago in an accidental drowning.

She was 1 of 2 special educators at Woodland Junior High to pass away in a matter of months.

"Teachers that were mentors to them that had helped them through the last couple of years were basically gone," explained Trent Knight who also  started the Becky Knight Memorial Fund.

But through the pain of losing someone who meant so much to the kids, came something special, the Becky Knight Memorial Fund.

Trent said, "It's a way to recognize what she gave to the community and keep giving back in her memory going forward."

Through money they raise, the foundation grants thousands of dollars specifically to special education programs in Fayetteville Public Schools.

The money helps to buy things like new iPads and other technology to improve programs and promote literacy.

"Anything that can help the teachers with the students," said Josh.

Another piece to memorial fund's puzzle is just outside the school itself.

A memorial garden and outside classroom space in memory of both Knight and fellow teacher Jane Coomes.

Trent mentioned, "Hopefully it gets kids out of the classroom and into the open they can benefit from that going forward."

After raising almost $75,000 in less than one year since being started, the memorial fund has already made a huge impact on many students lives and will continue to for many more years to come.

Josh said, "It's a big honor for us to continue her legacy by doing this and helping these kids."

For more information on the Becky Knight Memorial Fund, click here.

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