Doing Good: The Fayetteville Junior Civic League

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- There is no shortage of nonprofit organizations in Northwest Arkansas that feel they could always do more. One of those groups is dedicated to making that happen for other nonprofits by providing grant money to those organizations.
"A child who receives early intervention services will have a better prognosis and life success," Elizabeth Richardson Center Autism Program Coordinator Heather Tyler said.
The Elizabeth Richardson Center provides many services for children and adults with special needs. The center provides therapy for children who are coping with developmental delays that are severe enough that their ability to learn is affected.
"They are more independent," Tyler explained. "They are able to go into the public school systems almost seamlessly because they're getting the treatment that they would get specialized within the public school district."
The center's Autism Program Coordinator, Heather Tyler, is just one of the dedicated folks who is determined to help the children overcome the obstacles in their path through early intervention therapies. She said they depend upon the kindness of the Fayetteville Junior Civic League to accomplish their mission.
"We raise money for 16 organizations," Fayetteville Junior Civic League President Jennifer Irwin shared. "It's basically what we do the whole year.
"We also do some service projects throughout the year for the Elizabeth Richardson Center. We have a Christmas party for them."
The Fayetteville Junior Civic League is well aware of how important the support they provide is.
"We have worked with the Elizabeth Richardson Center for so many years," Irwin said. "And I know that there were times when they really needed our help to keep their doors open and we are so happy that we were able to help them. And that's just sort of a given organization that we want to work with every year."
Their continued generosity is greatly appreciated by the center.
"Just what it's done for us to continue to provide for the community, and the fact that we have all these big projects ahead of us as an organization, they'll just help get us there even quicker," Tyler shared.
The Junior Civic League funds all their projects through the money raised from their annual 'Big Party,' which is happening in April at George's Majestic. You can learn more about the group and their grants by clicking here.

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