Doing Good - The NWA Children's Shelter

Bentonville, AR - For the past 20 years, the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter has helped thousands of children including over 500 just last year.

Steve Schotta, the Executive Director of the NWA Children's Shelter said, "We are there all day long and evening around the clock to take care of kids in need. We are a 24-7 emergency shelter for kids through no fault of their own have to be removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect."

This year, the shelter is one of several nonprofit on the receiving end of help by the NWA LPGA Championship.

Tim Marrin, with Procter & Gamble explained, "We believe we want to make this a great place to live and to work for everyone. And the Children's Shelter fills a great need to those who need help in their life."

With a $50,000 donation thanks to the tournament, the shelter got a new commercial-sized truck that'll make a huge difference.

"It's really going to alleviate a lot of the challenges we've had in the past in picking up products to support the shelter so we're very excited to have it," said Arist Mastorides, VP Global Walmart Team.

And the truck is already proving useful.

Along with helping to support the shelter to get the truck, several major companies have also stepped up to make sizable donations.

Pallets of products all loaded up and headed the shelter.

Mastorides said, "For us, it's who we are. And the things we think about with brands like Huggies and supporting kids in general and especially kids in need."

"This is just icing on the cake. They can see that the work that we've done has gone to a great cause, said Marrin.

With the shelter's new billboard on wheels, the hopes are with the added exposure - even more will donate in the future.

Schotta mentioned, "It has our message to the public, and we hope that we'll get phone calls and e-mails when they see this truck in the community."

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