Pets of the Week: Jaxon and Claire #BetterwithPets

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- - He's a ball of energy and she's an independent feline, hanging out at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. 
Meet Jaxon the rottweiler and Miss Claire in our Pet of the Week segment.

Jaxon is about a year and three months old and he is just like a big puppy. He's a really big dog. He's an American Rottweiler. He's looking for a fun person or people to just play with him and interact with him and let him run. He's a pretty active dog so he's gonna be very into adventures and hanging out in the yard quite a bit and playing fetch and things like that. And, he'd probably do best with older children cause he does jump quite a bit and with his big size he could easily be too much for smaller children, otherwise he's a really good dog.

Claire is a little over a year. She's trying to find her forever home. She's a little bit special because even though she's a beautiful cat, don't pet her too much, she doesn't like it. She's just a really independent cat so she just really likes to do her own thing and seems pretty content with that. If you're looking for a cat who's just going to do it's own thing and not demand much attention that would be pretty much her. She probably will talk to you. She meows at us sometimes especially when she's hungry so she'll probably talk to you to put food in her bowl and things like that. She also seems to not get along great with other cats as well so she might be best being the only cat in the household.

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