Cafe Milano Cooking Today: Just Desserts

Cafe Milano Cooking Today: Just Desserts

<br>Chef Brooks whips up a great holiday espreso with chocolate that's great for after your big Thanksgiving meal.

Recipe: Caf Milano


-4 pieces DOVE Milk Chocolate

-1 Cup espresso

-*2 tablespoons whipped topping

-2 oz Cognac, optional

*Ingredients& Recipe for Whipped Topping

*1 pint heavy whipping cream

*2 tablespoons powdered sugar


*Blend together in mixer until peaks stay formed.



1. Make a cup of espresso.

2. Melt 4 pieces of DOVE Milk Chocolate, and stir into espresso. You can add 2 tablespoons of Cognac if desired for an adult beverage.

3. Top with whipped topping and enjoy.




Steven Brooks is the Executive Chef at Springdale Country Club. Chef Brooks offers monthly cooking classes at the club.


For nutritional information, check out the recipe at


Shot in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kelsey of Springdale, AR.

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