Cooking Today: Just Desserts Chocolate Caramel Apples

Cooking Today: Just Desserts Chocolate Caramel Apples

<P>Chef Brooks makes classic caramel apples with M&M's for a great fall treat!</P>

Chocolate Caramel Apples


-6 small apples

-6 wooden skewers

-caramel (store bought or soft caramel candies)

-1 1/2 cups M&M's Chocolate Candies



1. Take 6 small apples, wash and pat dry. Take 6 long wooden skewers, and place at the stem/core of each apple.

2. Melt caramels in microwave, stirring until smooth; can use a few table spoons of water to help melt in microwave as well.

3. Place M&M Chocolate Candies in large mixing bowl.

4. Dip each apple into melted caramel, and then roll in mixing bowl over caramel. Plate each apple, until caramel cools.


Makes about 6 servings.


Steven Brooks is the Executive Chef at Springdale Country Club. Chef Brooks offers monthly cooking classes at the club.


Shot in the home of Hank & Lizzie Harris of Rogers, AR.

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