Tarragon Creamy Chicken & Farro with an Ace Drink

- Tarragon Creamy Chicken & Farro
Ace Drink

Tarragon Creamy Chicken
2 Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Tone’s Salt & Pepper to taste
1 small shallot, finely chopped
1/2 cup dry white wine
3/4 cup heavy cream
4-6 stems fresh tarragon

•Season both sides of Tyson Chicken Breasts with Tone’s Salt & Pepper to taste.
•In a large skillet over medium-heat heat, add oil to cook chicken.
•Place chicken breasts into the pan and cook for about 1 minute on each side until they begin to brown slightly. Then transfer the still-raw chicken to a plate.
•Reduce heat under the skillet to low and add the shallot and cook, stirring constantly until softened but not brown (about less than 1 minute).
•Add dry white wine and cook for 30 seconds, followed by the heavy cream and half the tarragon.
•Return the chicken breasts to the skillet and adjust the heat so that the cream gently simmers. Cover and cook until the chicken is cooked through approx. 4-6 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees with an instant read thermometer.
•Transfer the chicken breasts to a warmed serving platter or individual plates.
•The sauce should be thick enough to lightly coat a spoon; if too thin, continue to simmer it for about 1 minute and it will thicken. Stir in the remaining tarragon and lemon juice, then taste and season with additional Tone’s Salt & Pepper to taste.
•Pour sauce over chicken and serve with side.

Chicken must be cooked to an internal temperature of 170 degrees and 180 degrees for bone in raw chicken products.

Farro Ingredients
1 cup water
2 cups Farro grains
Tone’s Salt & Pepper to taste

•Boil a cup of water and add Farro; cook until water is fully absorbed. Season with Tone’s Salt & Pepper to taste and serve as a side.

Ace Drink
Pinch tarragon
1 teaspoon Grenadine
3 oz. vodka
2 oz. light rum
2 oz. pineapple juice
1/2 lime, juiced
1/2 oz. cherry juice
2 cherries, garnish

•Fill shaker with ice.
•Add tarragon, Grand Marnier, vodka, light rum, pineapple juice, lime and cherry juice. Shake well.
•Pour into glass and garnish with cherries if desired.

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