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Doing Good - Arkansas Guardians

The Arkansas Guardians is a local nonprofit and a minor league football team helping the youth in our community.

The smack of the pads and the tough grit of football is only part of the game for the Arkansas Guardians.

More than just a minor league team, players mean a whole lot more.

Amelia Vowell, with the Arkansas Guardians said, "The players themselves are actually guardians is what we call them, they mentor troubled youth in the area. We just want to make a difference in youth and young adults lives and guide them."

"We offer entertainment value, but the kids are the most important thing. If we can educate a child then we've accomplished what we set out to do, " said Ronnie Vowell, the founder of Arkansas Guardians.

Founded back in July, the mission for the guardians is to help the youth in our community.

Organizers say they help children to learn more about fitness, nutrition and education through several programs.

Amelia said, "We do tutoring from grades K-12. There's a reading program that inspires children to read up to 6th grade.

"Let young people know no matter what they want to do as long as they believe in themselves and are willing to put in the hard work for it," explained Ronnie.

With around 30 children enrolled in the programs, a waiting list is already starting to grow.

Still, the guardians say they will keep growing too to help as many children as they can.

Ronnie said, "If I change one child's life, then I've done my job with the Arkansas Guardians."

Click here for ticket information and more about the nonprofit.

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