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Doing Good - Northside Fayetteville Rotary Club

The Northside Fayetteville Rotary Club is a nonprofit helping children across Northwest Arkansas.
Founded locally almost 45 years ago, the Northside Fayetteville Rotary Club is a nonprofit helping children across northwest Arkansas.

One such program they help through is called "Choices".

Ted Sego, the President of Northside Fayetteville Rotary Club said, "Where we go a teach 8th graders in the Fayetteville's schools what it's like to make good choices to make lifelong decisions."
The nonprofit also inspires students through several other avenues.
Sego explained, "Whether it's giving out dictionaries to every 3rd grade student in the Fayetteville School District or getting involved with foreign exchange students."

"I think we make a big difference in a lot of people's lives," said Merry Moiseichik who's on the Rotary's Board.
Merry Moiseichik knows firsthand about their international program that helps send a student to study abroad and get one in return.
Moiseichik said, "They go to Fayetteville High School school and they get an experience of living in the United States."

Besides additional financial support to help their programs, another major need for Rotaryis more involvement from others.
They'd like more members to ultimately help even more students.
Moiseichik explained, "The people are positive, what we do for the community it's positive and it's fun."
"I think there's always room to help. You get out of it, what you put in it," said Sego.
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