Doing Good - Sources

Doing Good - Sources

Fayetteville, AR - Sources is a nonprofit in Northwest Arkansas helping people living with disabilities.
Fayetteville, AR - Behind the doors at the nonprofit named Sources, each year thousands of people living with a disability are getting assistance.

Jim Mather, Sources Executive Director said, "People come in and use the support that they need with the hopes of being independent."

Founded back in 1993, the nonprofit has served as a one stop shop for folks needing help through several programs.

Mather explains, "Anything from budgeting to find out where social security offices is to employment services."

Sources also gets people connected when it comes to housing and transportation.

"It's very humbling to be a part oft the this community and recognize the needs that all individuals have," said Mather.

Whether it's a fun day outing or matching people with the available resources, it's all about promoting independence for someone living with a disability. 

Mather explains, "Recognize that all people are a value to our community regardless of ability."
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