Doing Good - Bikes, Blues & Barbecue Edition - 7 Hills

Doing Good - Bikes, Blues & Barbecue Edition - 7 Hills

7 Hills is a nonprofit that has been helping the homeless in Northwest Arkansas for more than a dozen years.

For over 12 years 7 Hills has helped the homeless in Northwest Arkansas through their day center, mobile outreach efforts and through education.

John Woodward, the Executive Director for 7 Hills said, "We're set up with staffing and programs to help people with all sorts of struggles in their lives. No matter what they come in with as challenges, we create an individualized plan to help launch them to successful families that they want to be."

To help fill the gap in assisting the homeless, the nonprofit also gets a hand from the Bikes, Blues & Barbecue Rally.

Woodward explained, "The funds we've gotten from the rally have been extremely important to 7hills over the years."

Just last year 7 Hills received a $5,000 check from the bike rally.

"We applied that to individualized training and job readiness and skills-based training that help people. Without those funds we wouldn't be able to provide that level and quality of services. So we are just appreciative of what they've done," said Woodward.

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