Doing Good - Dig 4 Diabetes

Doing Good - Dig 4 Diabetes

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Sun, sand and raising awareness is only part of what Dig 4 Diabetes is all about.

Ryan Paulk, co-founder of the nonprofit said, "There are very few people in Northwest Arkansas who are not affected by the disease in one way or another. Day in and day out it is about checking your blood sugar, eating healthy and exercising."

Ryan and Eric Paulk share more than just being twins, they also both live with the diabetes.

As avid volleyball players and coaches of the sport,  about 5 years ago and with the help of their wives they formed Dig 4 Diabetes.

It is a nonprofit combining their passion for the game and mission of helping others.

"A nonprofit that can raise awareness for diabetes and help drive education and ultimately finding a cure," said Eric Paulk.

That is why each year the nonprofit holds a volleyball tournament to support the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association.

In their first year and with about 10 teams they raised about $500.

This year their goal $10,000.

Eric said, "It is a good way to meet people and drive awareness and a good way to have fun."

With a few more open slots for their upcoming tournament, they invite anyone who wants to take part to come out.

"Show that people who live and are connected with the disease they can  live a healthy and normal life," said Ryan.

Click link for more information on Dig for Diabetes.
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