Doing Good - Mercy Charity Ball

Doing Good - Mercy Charity Ball

The Mercy Health Foundation is an organization investing in quality health care services to improve our community.

The Mercy Health Foundation is the fundraising arm of Mercy Health System helping our community by investing in quality healthcare services.

Steve Galen, the Mercy Health Foundation Board Chairman said," The mission of the Mercy Health Foundation is to provide quality affordable healthcare to folks in Northwest Arkansas."

In an effort to ensure that remains the case, the foundation holds a premier fundraising event each year called the Mercy Health Foundation Charity Ball.

Galen explained, "We started back in 1994 raising almost $18,000 and this year we plan to raise almost one million."

Organizers of the Charity Ball say it's a night filled plenty of fundraising and fun including big name entertainment, cocktails, an auction and a whole lot more.

Galen said, "If you look at the generosity from our supporters like Walmart, we wouldn't be here without their support."

In addition to providing enhanced health-care services and better patient education, money raised at the Charity Ball also has another direct benefit.

"The opportunity to buy high quality medical equipment you only really see in a really metropolitan city through out the country."

While the event is all about raising financial support for Mercy Health System... organizers say in the long run, it is also about helping Northwest Arkansas.

Galen said, "It's like a big huge safety net. If you need top-notch care, you can get it right here in your community."

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