Doing Good - Pure Charity

Doing Good - Pure Charity

Pure Charity is a local nonprofit bringing together people who want to help and people who are in need across Northwest Arkansas and around the world.

Click, connect and contribute.

3 simple steps bringing together people who want to help and people in need.

"We want to bring hope around the world in any walk of life that they're in," explained Mary Beth Farrish with Pure Charity.

The nonprofit was set up nearly 2 years ago and is a social platform that allows others to raise awareness along with money for their cause through the nonprofit's website.

Farrish said, "Our site allows you to raise funds for adoptions, mission trip fund raising  and for nonprofits to post projects and raise awareness. It's so amazing and cool how you get to kind of have your hand in a little bit of everything."

Here in Northwest Arkansas, Pure Charity has helped other nonprofits like the Samaritan House and the Cobblestone Project.

Organizers say through their site they have played a role in help for tens of thousands around the world.

With dozens of different ways you can make a difference by donating, Pure Charity's advice is log on to lend a hand.

"Our website allows you to see how many lives you're impacting with each donation. Choose hope and take action. That's what we want to encourage people to do," said Farrish. 

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