Doing Good - Women's Foundation of Arkansas

Doing Good - Women's Foundation of Arkansas

The Women's Foundation of Arkansas is a local nonprofit helping to build a stronger community by helping women to succeed.

Since 1998 the Women's Foundation of Arkansas has been helping women to succeed across the Natural State.

Daymara Baker of the Women's Foundation of Arkansas said, "The main mission is to help women and young girls to reach their full potential through education. Make girls aware of the benefits of being in high school and higher learning, and training around finances."

In addition to promoting education and training, the foundation also offers grants to programs focusing on women reaching their full potential.

"When the promotion is open, everybody is at the same level and have the same advantage at succeeding," explained Baker.

Over the past decade, the foundation has helped thousands of women across the Natural State by investing in them and showing them to value themselves.

Baker said, "We can serve as role models so they can see, you can make it through life when you focus on education."

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