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KNWA & Your Family: No Chump Change for Kid Care

In today's KNWA and Your Family, we're talking daycare costs. And you might be surprised how much the average single mother pays a year to for child care.
In today's KNWA and Your Family, we're talking daycare costs. Mothers working in the restaurant industry spend an average of 35 percent of their weekly income on child care. That's according to a new study from the Restaurant Opportunities Center United. About two million mothers work in the restaurant industry.

According to Child Care Aware of America, nationally, moms across the country spend an average of 38% of the state median income for a single mother. 27-year-old Tierra Cochrane has been divorced for almost five years. She has two boys and say's it's challenging to find a daycare she can afford, along with one that's reliable. "It's quite expensive though," says Cochrane."

Just to get a facility that's actually really good for the children, educational." The study also found that unreliable child care providers can cause moms to show up late, miss shifts, jeopardize promotion opportunities, and their jobs. The mission of the group that released this study is to improve wages in the restaurant industry.
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