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KNWA & Your Family: Samaritan Community Center

KNWA & Your Family: Samaritan Community Center
ROGERS, AR -- Federal government cuts to food stamps could be hitting local food pantries this holiday season.
The Samaritan Center in rogers hosts a soup kitchen and a food pantry for those in need. 
Mary Mann with the center says the $5 billion nationwide slash in benefits will trickle down to non profits like the Samaritan Center - but it won't be immediate.

"The first of the month is always a low time. It's just like any other person. We have our budget. A lot of people get paid once a month or in the first of the month and like all of us things at the end of the month get a little tighter," Mann said.

Right now the Samaritan Center is in need of pull ups and diapers - sizes four , five and six. Those are not covered by food stamps.

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