Fashion Week Event Benefits Ill Bridal Biz Owner

Fashion Week Event Benefits Ill Bridal Biz Owner

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- After slipping into a coma from the flu, friends say Brandi Rushton is improving.
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- For the past few months, 'She Said Yes' bridal in Rogers has been without owner, Brandi Rushton.

"It's been hard for sure," Deja Friedman, store manager says.

"I come in every day, and I just kind of try to separate what's going on with her health from business."

Back in December, Rushton was diagnosed with the flu.

"And it took a while for them to kind of figure out what it was," Frieden says.

"She ended up getting worse in the process."

The sickness that's killed 52 Arkansans, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.

Frieden says recently, Rushton has come out of the coma and is improving.

"It's just been like a day-by-day thing," Frieden says.

Now a weeklong event that Rushton has contributed to over the years is giving back to her.

The Little Black Dress Party, part of Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week, traditionally raises money for local charities.

Tuesday's 2014 edition of the event will send part its proceeds toward Brandi's medical expenses.

"I mean, I can't even explain just how it feels to have so many people in the community just reach out and want to help,"
Frieden says.

"What I would want to say to them is just thank you, so much from the bottom of our heart."
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