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Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation Receives Support from NWA Fashion Week

Foundation has raised 300,000 dollars in less than 2 years for multiple charities.

Another Foundation is benefiting from fashion week, which in turn helps other organizations.

The Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation supports other charities in Northwest Arkansas.

The organization began after baby Miller was born and quickly diagnosed with a rare spinal disease that took his like 3 months later.

They are one of the 10 charities benefiting from NWA Fashion Week.

"We couldn't do it without people like Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week  that are willing to do things like that and to give back to their community, to support foundations like ourselves who can help others," Meredith Woodruff, co-founder and Miller's mother said. 

In less than 2 years, the Foundation has raised 300,000 dollars. They support the Arkansas Children's Hospital, Circle of Life Hospice and Families of Spinal Muscle Atrophy.

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