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Brightest Classroom Jan 22: Mrs. Berlanga's 1st Grade

KNWA and GE Lighting awarded Mrs. Berlanga's 1st Grade students at Turnbow Elementary as one of our Brightest Classrooms on January 22nd.
Chief Meteorologist Dan Skoff and Steve Cunningham from GE Lighting surprised Mrs. Berlanga's 1st grade class at Turnbow Elementary in Springdale with a $500 Walmart/Sam's Club gift card as one of our Brightest Classrooms. Mrs. Berlanga plans to use the funds to purchase Magformers, which are magnetic shapes that can be connected to create 3-Dimensional figures used in Math, Science, architecture and commuicatation projects.

Mrs. Berlanga registered on nwahomepage.com to be a Brightest Classroom. You can register your students or your child's class as well. KNWA and GE Lighting will be awarding 2 classrooms each month during the Spring Semester.
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