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Brightest Classroom: Mrs. Guffey 6th Grade Lingle Middle School

<br>KNWA and GE Lighting surprised Mrs. Aerial Guffey's 6th grade class at Lingle Middle School in Rogers with $500 as one of our "Brightest Classrooms."
KNWA meteorologist, Gina DeVecchio, and GE Lighting's John Millis, awarded Mrs. Aerial Guffey and her 6th grade students at Lingle Middle School with a $500 Walmart/Sam's Club gift card as one of our December Brightest Classrooms.

Mrs. Guffey is planning on using the money to improve their "outdoor" school and to purchase more needed items for their Science classes.

If you'd like to nominate your student's class as one of our "Brightest Classrooms" log onto nwahomepage.com.
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