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90 Day Challenge Midway Update

We wanted to check in with the contestants for Dr Tammy's 90 Day Challenge at their midway point

My name’s Kate and so far, I’ve lost about 22 lbs.

I’m Sarah. I’ve lost 13 lbs. so far.

Hi, I’m Tyler. I’ve lost about 24 lbs. so far.

So, I’m Vera and I’ve lost 13 and ½ lbs.

I am Patrice, and so far I’ve lost 14 lbs. and lots of inches!

The gluten is going to be the hard one, because that’s how I got this, was carbs, I’m sure.

It was a little rough week. I had my allergy test back. So, there were a couple of things on there that I’m used to eating that I haven’t been able to eat this week. So it’s been rough, but I got through it and hopefully it will get easier and easier as the weeks go by.

I’m super excited, feeling good, working out hard. Can’t wait to get to the end of this challenge and be fit again.

Everything is coming along, and when we have issues, we bring in Dr. Tammy and she takes care of them right away, so it’s great on every aspect of that.

I’m feeling good, lots of energy, so fitting in my clothes a little bit better, so wonderful.

You have nothing to lose but the weight.

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