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After Botched Tries in Boston, New York City, Local Marathon Runner Finishes

ROGERS, AR --- Abdi Dubed's first marathon attempt in New York was cut short due to super storm Sandy. His second attempt was cut short because of the Boston bombing.

"I ran in high school, and I ran in college," says local marathon runner Abdi Dubed.

"Running is like my therapy, so I get off work, I come home, I go run."

A release for the Rogers resident Abdi Dubed that turned into a step-by-step quest to finish a marathon.

His first try? New York City, About this time last year.

"It was canceled due to that Sandy storm," Dubed says.

Attempt number two? Boston. This past April.

"Didn't get to finish it because of that tragic thing that happened at the finish line," Dubed says.

A finish line that he was two tenths of a mile away from.

Just that close to the bomb explosion, but that far from meeting his goal.

However, that didn't stop him from trying his luck once more.

One weekend ago, he returned to the Big Apple for this year's New York City marathon.

And as they say, the third time's a charm.

"Since the marathon was canceled last year, this year they were very supportive," Dubed says.

Supportive, and secure.

"They were very tight, you couldn't even take a bag with you to the finish line," Dubed says.

"They had the president from the Boston marathon organization there, and he was saying 'Finish for Boston' so, it was fun and it was a great experience. I'll go back and run it again."

And with each marathon Abdi completes, he raises money for cancer research through a charity he's teamed up with, making the steps across the finish line even sweeter.

"It's easy," Dubed says.

"Put one foot in front of the other."

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