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After The Tsunami: A New Film by Larry Foley

The Emmy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker stops by the Fox News Edge studio to talk about his latest project.
Emmy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Larry Foley stops by the Fox News Edge studio to talk about his latest project.

After the Tsunami is a 30-minute documentary film that tells the story of Indonesian college graduate students who came to US universities on scholarships following the 2004 tsunami that killed 173,000 in Banda Aceh. Former presidents George H W Bush and Bill Clinton and championed the program, intended to help restore the human capital in Aceh Provence.

Much of the early relief was dedicated to food, shelter and the necessities of everyday life. But while roads and houses were being rebuilt, this program allowed 75 students to go away for a brief time-so they could come home to rebuild what could not be replaced with asphalt and brick and mortar.

Students are profiled during their time at the University of Arkansas, Texas A&M and the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock. The film also follows graduates who are back home in Banda Aceh working in the fields of education, agriculture, government and business. One graduate runs an orphanage for children who lost their families in the tsunami.

After the Tsunami was filmed in Arkansas, Texas and Indonesia.

There will be free public screenings at 2 and 4 pm, October 27, Fayetteville Public Library, and 6 pm, October 30, at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival will screen the film at 12:15 October 16 at the Arlington Hotel.

The film is written and produced by Larry Foley, Emmy winning professor of journalism and documentary film at the University of Arkansas, and narrated in first person by one of the students, Clinton School of Public Service graduate, Rina Meutia.

Leslee Wright is Associate Producer. Jim Borden, Josh Irwin and Hayot Tuychiev are the photographers and Tuychiev is the film's editor. James Greeson composes an original musical score.

Daniel E Ferritor served as the director of the Arkansas Bush-Clinton Fulbright scholarship program. Ferritor and Meutia will participate in a question and answer session following the October 30 showing in Little Rock.

DVDs are available through University of Arkansas Press (www.uapress.com http://www.uapress.com, 479-575-5538)

For more information, contact Larry Foley, lfoley@uark.edu mailto:lfoley@uark.edu, 479-575-6307.

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