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AHTD On Standby For Winter Weather

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS - The Arkansas Highway And Transportation Department isn't pre-treating roads in NWA because the treatment could be washed away before it's used. So, crews are waiting to take action that will help once the storm hits.
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS - As we prepare for another winter storm, so is the Arkansas highway and transportation department. But if you don't see them before the storm, that doesn't mean they're not already hard at work.

"It doesn't do us any good to put a liquid pre-treatment on the roadway only to have it washed off," said Danny Straessle.

So with rain expected first, AHTD will unveil its newest equipment that will help once the winter storm hits.

"We are looking forward to putting that new equipment to use. Those are belly plows," said Straessle.

Danny Strassele with the AHTD said the department will be on standby in Northwest Arkansas and will start a "real time" approach as the rain changes to snow.

"This is going to be primarily a snow event, not an ice event. So plowing snow is something that we love to do. Plowing ice - that's a little bit more challenging. We'll work around the clock and whenever it's necessary to make sure that precipitation is cleared off the roadway," he said.

Even though the department isn't putting anything on the roads, they're prepared to scrape off what Mother Nature leaves behind.

"We will be out there, addressing the roads as that situation warrants," said Straessle. 

Even though the department isn't pre-treating in NWA, they are using beet juice, salt brine and salt to treat other roads in the state.
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