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Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Proceeds Declining

Proceeds from the Arkansas scholarship lottery are declining. The first part of the year tends to be it's strongest for sales of all tickets, but so far, more Arkansans are deciding the winning move is not to play.
Leah Evans is looking forward to graduation in just four months, and the Maumelle High School senior expects to apply for a lottery scholarship in a couple of weeks. "Money would be great because college is really expensive but I'm hoping I'll get one," Evans said.

Lottery scholarships for Arkansas college freshman started at $5,000 and slipped to $2,000 last fall because fewer people are playing. "This time it just didn't work, players didn't take to it, and it's disappointing," said Bishop Woosley, Arkansas Lottery Director. Woosley says the lottery just lost $284,000 dollars on the million-dollar raffle game this month, and for the year, proceeds going to the lottery behind nearly $4 million. "I never want to panic because we've been in a position before where net proceeds were down and we ended up exceeding what we thought we were going to do."

"I can't say that it's their fault because they can't force people to buy lottery tickets but it is discouraging whenever you rely on certain promises and then its not followed through," Evans said. She's applying for other scholarships too, and any money from the lottery, she'll take. "It's better than nothing that's for sure."

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