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Arresting Officer: Jehovah's Witnesses Shooting Suspect Seemed 'Apologetic'

Sources say John Baldwin, accused of firing multiple rounds at three people, is the owner of an NWA business.
A visit to a Centerton suburb took an evil turn for three holy solicitors Saturday.

"It's pretty unique," says Centerton police officer Jeremiah Nicholson.

"It's one of the biggest calls I think I've worked."

A knock on John Lee Baldwin's door led to small talk, according to police.

"And everything was fine at first," Nicholson says.

The conversation went south when Baldwin realized why the group was there.

"The minute they mentioned they were with the Jehovah testimony that's when he told them to get off the property," Nicholson says.

And as a police report states, Baldwin then muttered a few more words.

"As they were leaving the heard him say 'Get my nine,'" Nicholson says.

He was referring to a nine millimeter.

A handgun police would later recover from the scene.

"He came out, and that's when they were already in the vehicle starting to leave," Nicholson says.

As the three began to leave Mr. Baldwin's property, that's when -- they tell police -- they looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Mr. Baldwin standing, pointing and shooting in their direction.

"I asked him how many he shot," Nicholson says.

"He told me he shot 19 rounds."

Baldwin, who sources say owns Two Men and A Truck of Northwest Arkansas, would also end up leaving his property quickly -- in the backseat of Jeremiah Nicholson's squad car, facing a felony.

"He was very calm, he seemed very apologetic," Nicholson says.

"He said he wasn't trying to hurt them he was just wanting them off his property."

Baldwin has since bonded out of the Benton County Jail and has a court appearance pending.

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