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Award-Winning Fayetteville Filmmaker Debuts New Documentary

Larry Foley premiered his new project, 'After the Tsunami', in a free screening at the Fayetteville Public Library Sunday.

Larry Foley, a University of Arkansas journalism professor and Emmy-award-winning documentary filmmaker, debuts his latest project at the Fayetteville library in a free screening

'After the Tsunami' is 30-minute film that tells the story of Indonesian college graduate students who came to American universities on scholarships, following the 2004 tsunami that killed 173,000 people.

Students profiled include some who attended the UA, Texas A&M as well as the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock.

"Its just amazing for us to have someone actually put enough attention to us to tell our stories," says Rina Meutia, the film's narrator and one of the students.

Another free public screening is scheduled for Wednesday evening at the Clinton Public Library in Little Rock.

The film is narrated in first person.
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