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Behind the Scenes Look at White Christmas

If "White Christmas" is your Christmas classic favorite, this weekend you can see it on stage.
Some families love ringing in the holidays with a classic Christmas movie. If "White Christmas" is your seasonal favorite, this weekend you can see it on stage.

"It's so iconic. It's very much like the movie, but it's a little different from the movie," Moldovan said.

Trista Moldovan plays Betty Haynes in the musical.

"It's like a cup of hot chocolate for your soul," she said.

Between the singing to the dancing, it's the story that brings out your spirit.

"There's a little surprise at the end that will tug at your heart strings,"

A feeling Trista still gets at the end of each show.

"It's so fantastic. There's a part at the end where everyone is on stage and the lights come up and it's the first time that I'm able to see the audience everyone is grinning from ear to ear and it's so wonderful to have that connection with the audience."

The performances are almost sold out but the show will be in Fayetteville until Sunday.

For times and ticket information, click here.

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