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BenCo Inmate Mix Up Leads To Tighter Jail Protocol

BENTON COUNTY, AR. ---- Over the last few months, inmates from around The Natural State have been wrongly released or transferred due to simple human error. Benton County is working to make sure that doesn't happen again in NWA.
"Both of their last names were Scott. One Scott was taken where the other Scott was suppose to be taken."
BENTON COUNTY, AR. --- On the morning of January 2nd, Benton County inmate Keith Scott was suppose to be taken to Texarkana to one of the state prisons. However, fellow inmate Charles Scott took the drive down South instead.

"Both of their last names were Scott. One Scott was taken where the other Scott was suppose to be taken," said Benton County Deputy Keshia Guyll. "Our transport division types out the names that need to go. It's then emailed to booking. Booking prints it off and pulls those files. They release the files first, before actually calling the inmate up to sign off on it. What happened was the list had the correct name on it, however when the file was pulled, they pulled the wrong "Scott" file."

According to Guyll, the jail has the most up to date technology, but in this situation it was a simple human mistake.

"We have a fingerprint biometric system to cross reference to make sure we do have the correct inmate. Obviously that passed because it was the same person we were booking out," said Guyll.

To make sure this doesn't happen again, the Sheriff's office is adding in an extra precaution.

"The process we've put in place is not only is that list cross referenced with the actual files being released, but before they leave it's actually cross referenced with the bodies of the people standing right in front of them," said Guyll.

Charles Scott, the man who was accidentally taken to Texarkana was also sentenced to prison. However, he was not scheduled to go at that time.

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