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Benton County Deputies Raise $1401 In One Day For Salvation Army

BENTON COUNTY, AR. -- Benton County officers have been ringing bells for The Salvation Army's red kettles since the end of November. In one day this week, the Sheriff's office brought in quite the chunk of change.
BENTON COUNTY, AR. -- The Benton County Sheriff's Office has been volunteering with The Salvation Army this holiday season.

It's part of the Benton County Sheriff's office push to be a bigger part of the community. Since November, the officers have been ringing bells to raise some funds for The Salvation Army. 

"We just wanted to give back to our community," said Deputy Keisha Guyll with the Benton County Sheriff's office. 
"People think that law enforcement are unapproachable and we didn't want that image either.So, we wanted to be out there, we wanted to talk to people." 

The deputies have been volunteering since the end of November. On Tuesday, officers brought in $1401. Usually, kettles fill up with about $300 to $400. 

"The Benton County Sheriff's office, we're very humble. That's one of our sayings 'that we're humble servants' and so not only do we want to say that, we want to prove it to people," said Guyll. 

With one more day next week to rake in the dough, Major N.J. Pope with The Salvation Army said the officers could really make a difference. 

"They are on track, by the end of Monday, to have raised at least $5000 for us," said Major Pope. "They really see the need as much as anyone day in and day out throughout the whole year. For them to come and do that makes a statement to where their priorities are." 

The Sheriff's office said they can't wait to ring again in 2014.

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