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Bentonville Restaurant "Pays It Forward"

BENTONVILLE, AR-- Tusk & Trotter shut down regular service Tuesday, to offer a free fine dining experience to people in need.
BENTONVILLE, AR - The owners of Tusk & Trotter thanked the community for its support with a "pay it forward" brunch Tuesday.

Sarah Nelson and her husband own the Bentonville restaurant. She says the people of Northwest Arkansas are responsible for their success, and today they shut down regular service to offer a free meal to those who don't often get to enjoy a fine dining experience. 

"We just invite members of our community to come in and have a warm meal that nourishes their body and hopefully their soul," Nelson says. "We are just unbelievably fortunate to be a part of this community... so it's just one opportunity to do something for other people."

Nelson was raised by a single mother, and says going out to eat was a special experience.

"It just made you feel something special, and that's the idea about having it here," she says. "We could close. We could go volunteer somewhere else, but we can bring them in kinda to our house, and serve people and give an experience, of being taken care of and just, kind of the warmth all that brings."

The Nelson's invite a wide variety of people in need, but the buffet is also open to anyone walking the square.

"This is really a community lunch," Nelson says. "Obviously we reach out to the shelters, and just let them know what we have going on, and invite them and say anybody who's staying there, anybody who's working there, volunteering, everybody's welcome." 

The Nelson's are saying thanks in the best way they know how, with every bite of biscuits, bacon or turkey.

"It's Chef Rob, so it's a spread," Nelson says. "It's just the Christmas spirit... It's that time of year that it's important to think of others."

Volunteers from the community, and some of the restaurant's staff lend a hand too, giving the guests the full service experience.
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