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Big Plays Continue To Haunt Hogs Defense

Losing in a blowout is downright embarassing. But losing a winnable game? Bret Bielema describes it this way...
Losing in a blowout is downright embarassing.  But losing a winnable game? Bret Bielema describes it this way.....
"I think frustrated.  Probably shocked. I think they prepared in a way that they thought they were going to win the game and put themselves in position right until the very end."
"A loss is a loss to me...so it hurts anyway.  You don't ever want to lose, you always want to win.  The couple of last games have been close, where we should have won, but it just didn't come out our way."
"It's tough losing, but we all know that's we're getting closer.  We're just going to keep fighting and keep working."
And the hogs defense fought until the end...holding Mississippi State out of the endzone late in the 4th quarter and forcing overtime.  That's when things went downhill as the Dawgs scored on the very first play of OT.
"It was a shock to us.  We put it all on us as a defense.  We should went out there and stopped him. I felt like we played good for most of the day, but it was that one play that got us."
"We especially didn't want that to happen and it did.  It kind of hurt us, but we've just got to keep pushing."
Positive signs from Saturday.. Arkansas forced two turnovers... including another interception from redshirt freshman, Jared Collins.
"I was in thirds coverage and #2 ran a post and #1 ran a seven and I kind of overran the post, so I had to speed turn and cover seven and I just looked up and saw the ball, so I went and caught it."
"It was a big play for us.  For the secondary...through the season, we've had ups and downs.  And after last game, we just wanted to keep it rolling and try to get some turnovers and JC really made a big play."
Winning solves everthing and for this defensive unit.. they'll have one more opportunity to make a big play and perhaps have a few breaks fall in their favor.
"You know, it's been very difficult, especially not winning and things of that nature, but I think we've just got to come out next week and try to make a statement."

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